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Join our vibrant team and explore a world full of opportunities with the world’s leading company in specialty chemicals, medical supplies and fertilizers.

A World Full of Opportunities

Shandong Biotech wants to position itself as the go-to business for specialty chemicals, medical supplies and fertilizers. At the same time we want to build a steady relationship with our customers, with respect for people and the planet.

Let's Grow Together

Shandong Biotech believes that everything starts with chemistry. Without chemistry there is no synergy. The positive energy of our awesome team is simply electrifying! We constantly renew, rethink, and innovate. We move to improve.

Working at Shandong Biotech is like creating chemistry, it’s a workplace where curious minds come together not only to understand our customers better but also to find ways to keep innovating within the chemical industry.

This is you

  • You ❤️ what we do
  • You’ll think only about our customers
  • You’ll always look for new challenges
  • You think work is more of a lifestyle than a job
  • You want to be surrounded by like minded people
  • And of course You know how to get shit done!

Spark of Chemistry? Come Join our Team!

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