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Who We Are

Shandong Biotech located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, supplies specialty chemicals, medical supplies and fertilizers according to rules and regulations within the operating market.

With more than 10 years of industry experience we still like to keep it simple and believe that chemistry, quality and customer service are the three important pillars for a long-term successful relationship. This may sound typical of what all businesses would say, however we want to extinguish ourselves by putting our customer’s first not only by saying but also by doing. Our highly skilled customer service will assist you with any questions you have regarding chemical compositions or which fertilizers are best for your crops. Our products are manufactured with care and strict quality control. Whatever you need, no matter where you are, Shandong Biotech can deliver!

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Our Core Values

Shandong Biotech believes that everything starts with chemistry.. You can find chemistry in anything and anywhere. However, to create chemistry in ways that are long lasting is the hallmark of Shandong Biotech. Our goal is to become your trusted supplier for chemicals, medical supplies and fertilizers.

Customer Satisfaction

We value our customers a lot. Our highly skilled customer service is at your service whenever and wherever. We strive to answer your questions right away!

High Quality Products

We maintain strict quality control procedures to ensure the right level of quality is achieved. Anything from technical to pharmaceutical grade, we can supply it!

Best Price Guarantee

Given our extensive industry experience makes it possible to offer our products for very competitive prices without sacrificing our quality, it's all in our strategy

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Our Mission

We strive to be your trusted supplier of chemicals, medical supplies and fertilizers. We want to be known for our high quality standards, with respect to the law and environment. No matter where you are we will deliver with full transparency in our customer service.

Our Vision

Shandong Biotech wants to position itself as the go-to business for all your inquiries in specialty chemicals, medical supplies and fertilizers. At the same time we want to build a steady relationship with our customers. While doing so, we conduct our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and constantly seek to improve our technology and skill. In the belief that chemistry is the key… to humanity, we do business in ways that are good for people and the planet.

Contact Our Sales team

Questions? Contact our customer service and we will provide you an answer directly during work hours otherwise within 24 hours.

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